Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Fighting with Pillows - A Real Contest

4 Birds on a Wire Pillow -  by Eden and Eliot

Given all the hype lately about whether children are better off going or not going to sleepovers, (a.k.a. Tiger Mom and her book), guess what popped up in one of the blogs I follow, Sew, Mama, Sew?  A Pillow Contest for the entire month of February!

Well, I've entered plenty of "serious" contests but never one dedicated to pillows, so I thought, what the heck, it'll be one of those fun and random things to do.

Here is my first entry - my favorite pillow this winter - 4 red birds made out of re-purposed fabric from a vintage work shirt, appliqued on a light blue fleece, and embellished with free-form machine stitching.

I love this pillow because this is what started it all for me - all my other creations with the birds motif came out of this one (see etsy shop sidebar).  It would be so neat if it got a little recognition from the Pillows Hall of Fame. But either way, I'd love it just the same.


  1. The pillow is so beautiful!!
    as for Tiger Mom, that has been a huge source of discussion at my office water cooler :)

  2. Thank you, KJ! I suppose entering a Pillow Contest is absolutely NOT a Tiger Mom-approved thing to do. Which is what makes it irresistible for me - we all can't be playing piano and violin all day. :)


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