Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Eden at the Park

I've been home with a sick Eden for the last two days and hence, have not gotten much accomplished by way of writing or designing.

Yesterday, Eden decided that she wanted to go to the park, even though she was coughing mighty fiercely. And since we've been having such beautiful, warm days,I agreed that we should venture out for some fresh air.

Eden at 25% strength, meant less overall running and chasing for her Mama.  And she actually slowed down enough to let me photograph her, which is a rare thing these days.

I then noticed that she was wearing a bright blue dress with yellow giraffes, a red shirt and and striped hat (mine), - which made for a pretty picture with the big red wheel she was so engrossed spinning.

My little girl has lots of opinions about what she will wear these days, and getting her dressed most mornings can be a real battle.  But I heartily approve of her choice in this picture.

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