Friday, February 11, 2011

Eden & Eliot Giveaway - February

Hand-stamped dish towel by Eden & Eliot

Here it is, my first blog giveaway!  If you sign up to follow Eden & Eliot during the month of February, you stand to win this hand-stamped dish towel, made by yours truly.

This is a 18x24 inch dish towel, with navy stripes and printed with a coffee brown leaf pattern.  I love its simple and somber hues - perfect with a bowl of roasted barley tea in these lingering winter days.

If you are currently signed up to follow - that's right, all 8 of you lovely people! (at the time of this post) - you will be automatically entered to win, so no further ado.  If you have not yet signed up - just click to follow on the Google Connect sidebar - its as simple as that!


  1. Beautiful! Thanks for the giveaway.

  2. That is very pretty. Have fun with the giveaway. I loved doing my first one. I am planning on doing another soon. Loving the blog. :)


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