Monday, June 6, 2011

Shoes for the Summer

Its June!  High time for a banner change to welcome hot summer days.

After my last post in May about making a pair of shoes for Eden, I've taken on making baby shoes for my Etsy shop.  It's kept me busy (and kept me sane), so I've posted a pic of my favorite pair for the summer.  Its fun, cheery and brings a smile to my face.  A palette of my favorite colors - aqua and red.

These are meant for children, infant to toddler age so they are a little too small for Eden.  But they will make a sweet gift for an expectant mother, or a new mom who's eager to dress up her baby girl.

If you're tired of the ubiquitous Robeez-style shoes out there, these maryjanes are a soft, comfy alternative.

But enough about them....they are in my shop here if anyone's interested.  New tutorial coming up next!
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