Thursday, February 17, 2011

Monogram Letter Applique Pillows

My good friend, Mel, threw a birthday party for her sweet little girl a few weekends ago, which gave me the occasion to make these letter pillows that I'd dreamed up a while back but hadn't gotten round to doing.

The birthday girl has the initial C, but her older brother's name begins with M.  So, I thought why not bring them both pillows since in my house, good things always come in twos.

The pillows have envelope backs (see my post on how to make an envelope closure), and fusible-web applique letters.  You can put a whole set together for a nursery, use them to spell a word or just do special letters or dates.  Lots of possibilities here - so I daresay I'll be making more of these soon.

But on the subject of birthday parties -  check out this party favor that Mel put together.

She saved these baby food jars for months and turned them into favors by adding nifty personalized labels.  I totally loved how she found such good use out of an ordinary thing but more so that she was planning and thinking of celebrating her daughter's big day, every day that she would put one of these away.  What better way is there  to repurpose what you've got than by sharing your efforts with loved ones.

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