Saturday, June 29, 2013

Six Happy Little Yarn Eggs for a Red Egg & Ginger Party

Six Happy Little Red Yarn Eggs for a Party
We moved to Singapore!  That is, husband, two kids, one dog and me.

Actually, its been about a year and a half since the incredibly intense experience of packing up our house, selling our furniture, putting stuff in storage, and flying with two children under the age of 4 halfway across the world.  Did I mention, we moved the dog? 

He had to be examined, tested, certified by the USDA to be ready to move.  He survived the over 20 hour flight only to be quarantined upon arrival for a month!

My husband started his new job, I found one for myself, our kids started at their new school.  All of which to say, I have not had the mental wits to resume writing this blog.  If not for the lovely ladies who keep writing me about how to get the little red yarn eggs, I might have put this off even longer.

One lovely lady in particular was sweet to write me about her daughter, Emma, who is going to be celebrating her Red Egg & Ginger Party next week.  I wanted to help her so I found the box that contained my yarn supplies, dusted off my patterns and made half a dozen of them.  (Yes, I moved ALL my craft supplies, except the sewing machine.)

Pretty Little Labels for Red Eggs
Emma's mommy will receive this little tags in an array of pretty patterns.  The back of them has her special date of arrival!

Red Eggs and Gift Tags
 Can't wait for her to open up her package!

Want to order eggs for party or crochet your own?  Write me or visit my etsy shop.

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