Saturday, May 29, 2010

Personalized Red Egg and Ginger Party Favors

My baby boy turned one month old in May, and as customary for the Chinese side of the family, we made hard-boiled eggs and dyed them red to celebrate.  Well, except that my husband doesn't eat eggs and my two year old doesn't eat much, so we couldn't get away with making too many.

So I came up with the idea of making little yarn eggs that make great giveaways and don't need refrigeration.  Put a pair of them in these little wood boxes, dress them up with personalized tags with your baby's initials and date of birth, and they are ready for your party!

I used shipping labels from the office supplies store and created tags with a set of vintage stamps I found at a garage sale.  Brown ink makes for a beautifully aged, and "not too precious" look.

This wood boxes were found in the unfinished wood crafts section of Michael's.  Stuff the boxes with some straw and they make a great home for your little eggs.

Glue a ribbon band around the box, and finish off with your favorite knot.  I stamped these light-blue Martha Stewart tags to label the boxes, but you can use stickers or any other tags you like.


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  1. Hi do you sell the red eggs? They are so cute and I wanna get them for my friend's red ginger party. Please email me at



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