Wednesday, April 7, 2010

How to throw a Monkey-themed Birthday Party

  1. Select a good spot for a picnic.
  2. Set up blankets and low tables.  Mark spot with yellow and brown balloons.
  3. Serve food that will please both kids and adults.
  4. Set up monkey favor bags as follows:
    1. Start with one stuffed monkey per bag.  I found these at Target in the dollar section of the store.
    2. Cut a long strip of yellow felt and make a scarf for the monkey.  This adds some color and character to the little guy.
    1. Bake and wrap 2 banana muffins per bag. 
    1. Format and print out banana chocolate muffin recipe on yellow paper. Glue yellow paper onto chocolate cardstock (available at Paper Source).
    2.  On the back of the card, print out your favorite monkey illustration on the same yellow paper and glue on.
    1. Stamp "Thank You" using a brown pigment inkpad onto yellow paper.
    2. Cut out "Thank You" stamp with a circle cutter (or other shapes if you have them handy).
    3. Glue each "Thank You" circle onto a clear plastic bag.
    4. Assemble each bag with 1 stuffed monkey, 1 bag of muffins, 1 recipe card.
    5. Tie bags or create handles as preferred.

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